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Restoration, Conservation & Stewardship

Along the Lower Cache Creek Basin, Yolo County, CA

Cache Creek Conservancy

The focus of the Conservancy’s work has been riparian restoration along a fourteen mile stretch of the Lower Cache Creek. We operate from and manage the Jan T. Lowrey Nature Preserve, which is often called the ‘Cache Creek Nature Preserve'.

The Cache Creek Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Cache Creek watershed in Northern California.


Channel of water flowing under Oak trees at Cache Creek Nature Preserve

There's so much more to a creek than the water passing by. Read more...


A healthy watershed is habitat for plants, animals and microbes, past and present. Read more...


Handmade grass basket sitting next to native grasses at Cache Creek Preserve

Several cultures in the Cache Creek watershed have interacted with and impacted the landscape. Read more...

Current News & Events

Birds photos taken through binoculars; Great-Horned Owl and Northern Mockingbird

Great Backyard Bird Count 2023

The Great Backyard Bird Count is an international 4-day event celebrating the world of birds. Spend time at Cache Creek Nature Preserve watching birds and report your findings to help scientists understand and protect birds around the globe.

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Stuffed Great Horned Owl on display at Visitor Center

Species Spotlight: Great Horned Owl

Owls are birds of mystery. Depending upon your culture, they represent wisdom or death. Great Horned Owls are found throughout the world.

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Native American woman tending a low-intensity cultural fire

Leok Po Demonstration & Workshop

Leok Po (pronounced lay-oak poe) in the Wintun language means Good Fire. This demonstration and workshop will showcase California Native American use of fire to enhance cultural resources and help restore the environment.

Updated with local news coverage.

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Mammoth vs Mastodon

Imagine you could travel back in time to 14,000 years ago here at Cache Creek. Back then it was the Ice Age, and the standard of what large wildlife was very different from today. There were ground sloths, saber-toothed cats, camels, dire wolves, and of course mammoths… or mastodons… or perhaps both? YES! 

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Internship Programs

Ecological and Environmental

Volunteers planting trees at Cache Creek Nature Preserve
Volunteers planting trees at the Jan T. Lowry Nature Preserve

2023 Winter Internship Applications Now Open

Ecological and Environmental Interns assist Conservancy staff with habitat restoration for native wildlife and plants within the nature preserve and other sites along the lower Cache Creek watershed.

Traditional Knowledge

Local Native Americans teaching basket weaving at Cache Creek Nature Preserve
Wintun tribe elders teaching basket weaving to students

This program is for students interested in learning the Cache Creek Wintun homeland ecology as well as how restoration and stewardship can re-create healthy water and soils.

Visit the Nature Preserve

The Cache Creek Nature Preserve is open to visitors every day except Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM. Picnic near the old barn. Stroll along the boardwalk or hike the trails. Photograph wildlife and learn about ‘Detroit Riprap.’

Blue Heron Cache Creek wetlands

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in better health, less stress, and a sense of purpose? Volunteering can provide these health benefits and more.

Our volunteer community consists of Individuals and small groups who are passionate about nature, the Cache Creek Watershed and hands-on experiences.

California Poppies

Healthy Parks ~ Healthy People

Spending time in nature is good for your health, especially your immune system!

Health & Safety Guidelines

Pandemic Precautions

Volunteer wearing a mask
  • Please do not visit Parks or the Preserve if you are sick or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Practice Physical Distancing.
  • Wear a mask in groups.
  • Check out our Facebook page for nature images and videos if you need to stay home!

Wildlife Safety

Young raccoon peeking from behind a tree
  • Use public spaces at your own risk.
  • Stay on the trails for your own and nature’s safety.
  • Don’t feed wild animals.
  • Look and listen for rattlesnakes.
  • Keep children with adults at all times.
  • Dogs allowed only in certain parks.

Help Us Keep the Cache Creek Nature Preserve Open by Staying Safe!