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BDOG 2024 Fundraiser Resources

Updated 17 April 2024

Information, graphics and sample content to help you help us reach our goals this year. This page will be changing rapidly during the BDOG ‘season’, so check back often. Or scroll down and send questions, comments or special requests.

The BDOG ‘season’ starts on April 18th. People can start donating and have it count towards our goal. If you start earlier, donations won’t count towards our goal.

The big day itself is May 2nd; this is the day we can win prizes and use Matching Funds if we have them.

Here are links for our main Campaign Page. Please read the Campaign page so you can understand our Core Message for this campaign.

Ways to communicate our Core Message


  • Personal Emails
  • Flyers (for your place of business, bulletin boards, events) Please ask below if you want some.
  • In Person conversations
  • Add a link to your everyday email signature. (Ask for a properly sized image if you want a graphic.)

Social Media*

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • X/Twitter

*In Social Media, please always add the hashtags #BDOG2024 and #lovescachecreek

Important Social Media Tips

A special note about Facebook and Twitter: Both platforms throttle your post’s reach when it has an external link in it. They would rather people did not leave the platform. The best solution is to make sure the written portion of your post really engages the few people it does reach; you can also ask people to comment and/or share so the post will get some traction.

Mix it up: No one wants to see the same social media post about your fundraiser over and over, so get creative to make sure your posts are seen! 

  • Go live on Facebook, 
  • record a video, 
  • share photos,
  • create your own images in Photoshop or Canva
  • get involved in memes, 
  • issue a social media challenge… 

…don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

Ask for shares and engagement: We all need a little help from our friends, so be sure to ask yours to comment on and share your fundraiser to help increase your reach.

Make specific “asks”: Making a general request that people donate to your page is all well and good, but what works even better is asking for something specific: 

  • A specific dollar amount,
  • an amount that will get you to your next milestone, social media shares, etc. 

People like these kinds of requests because it takes the guesswork out of helping and gives them specific instructions!