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Yoga Under the Oaks starts this weekend!

The Nature Preserve opens early this Sunday, June 4th.

Two more Guided Nature Tours are scheduled!

Volunteer Opportunities

When you volunteer with the Cache Creek Conservancy you share in the benefits of volunteering: reduced stress, finding friends, helping the community, and learning new skills. Volunteering also helps protect your mental and physical health.

We need help year round with a variety of tasks. Every season brings new volunteer opportunities; you can see the kinds of things we do below.

Right now, we’re looking for volunteers to come on Sundays and work with our Habitat Restoration Specialist, Lynne Haralson, and our interns as needed.

After signing up to volunteer, you will receive safety training as well as specific training to help make your volunteer experience as wonderful as possible.

Submit the form below and we’ll get in touch.

Youth group members gathered in front of sign for photo at Cache Creek Nature Preserve

Restoration and Gardening

You can help restore Cache Creek by volunteering at Conservancy restoration sites throughout the watershed.

We frequently hold Community Planting Days in the fall and spring, which are one day events. Keep checking our Events page or sign up for the newsletter to be notified.

If you’d prefer a more regular schedule, there are opportunities during regular open hours in the Memorial Grove, the Tending and Gathering Garden or the small nursery.

Trail Maintenance and Repair

Be part of a team that helps to maintain and improve Cache Creek Nature Preserve trails. This is a great way for groups or co-workers interested in community service projects.

Trail maintenance is a year-round activity; however, in winter the trails are usually too soggy to work on, so the higher demand for volunteers is in the spring and summer.

Bird Box Monitoring

Who could resist baby barn owls, wood ducks, or tree swallows? Volunteers assist with monitoring and maintenance of bird boxes at the Nature Preserve. You could also monitor bird populations from egg to fledgling! This volunteer position is seasonal, starting in spring going into summer.

Building Maintenance

The Cache Creek Conservancy also maintains historic equipment, historic buildings, and not-so-historic buildings. If your skill set is more construction or minor repair focused, your assistance is most welcome!

Cache Creek Nature Preserve Tours

We’re in the process of revamping our Docent program. Once it’s ready, we’ll provide you the script and training needed to lead groups around the Nature Preserve.