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Nestbox Monitoring in Lower Cache Creek

The Cache Creek Conservancy has performed restoration work in the lower Cache Creek Watershed for more than 25 years.

Birds are ideal indicators of healthy environments as it takes select resources in the environment (sufficient food, water, shelter, presence of other organisms, etc.) for many bird species to successfully thrive.

Bird nestboxes are a great restoration tool. They are inexpensive and work for many types of native, cavity-nesting birds like songbirds, ducks, owls, other raptors and waterfowl. Numerous nestboxes have been established by both private landowners (such as farmers) and by environmental conservation groups (like Yolo Audubon Society and the Cache Creek Conservancy).

With the help of interns from the Ecological & Environmental Internship Program, Project Specialist, Harnawaz “Twig” Boparai monitored the use of nestboxes in both the Cache Creek Nature Preserve and the Capay Open Space Park during 2021 and 2022.

His findings are described in the following Reports.

Nestbox Monitoring Report and the Importance of Consistent Monitoring 2021 / 2022 (PDF)

Songbird Nestbox Monitoring Report – Cache Creek Nature Preserve and Capay Open Space Park 2022 (PDF)

Wood Duck Nestbox Monitoring Report – Cache Creek Nature Preserve 2022 (PDF)

2011 Avifauna Assessment of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve, 94B Restoration Site, and the Yolo County Flood Control Mitigation Site

Riparian Survey & Monitoring Project, Vegetation and Avifauna, Years 1999 and 2001, Cache Creek Nature Preserve