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BDOG: Fundraising Pages

Updated 18 April 2024

The BDOG platform offers a special feature for people who want a personalized Fundraising Page to share with their friends, family and followers.

CCC has a Template for Fundraising Pages which people can access by going to the Main Campaign Page and click the Fundraise button (next to the Donate button).

Step 1: Create a login.

Step 2: Create a Fundraiser.

Step 3: Choose to use the template.

Step 4: Go find the email to verify your account.

Step 5: You’ll be directed to your Working Page. (It has a blue band at the top.)

Instructional Video

This tutorial is not highly produced due to time constraints; it’s kind of choppy, but has the basics.
We’ll make a better video in the near future.

Here are the Published Results.

Information for BDOG Fundraising Page

If you want us to make your BDOG Fundraising Page and send you a Share Link, fill in the info below. You can put NA in any box that doesn’t apply.

You should see a form in the green box below. If you don’t please feel free to Contact Us directly.