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Cache Creek Conservancy supports Cache Creek preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the watershed.

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Cache Creek Restoration

The Cache Creek Conservancy works to restore, enhance, and protect the Cache Creek environment.

Your donation will help the Conservancy plant more native plants at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve and along the creek and will help fund a small mammal monitoring program at the Nature Preserve.

Mikayla Peterson, CCC watershed educator, shows off a pelt to visiting Girl Scouts.

Cache Creek Education

The Cache Creek Conservancy has a vibrant watershed education program for students of all ages. 

Your donation will help the Conservancy educate areas school children, youth groups, and students of all ages about what lives in the watershed, how a watershed works, and how to enjoy being in nature.

California poppies line the pathway to the Tending and Gathering Garden shade structure.

Tending and Gathering Garden

 The Tending and Gathering Garden (TGG) was created to provide a safe and accessible area for Native Californians to collect key plant materials for basketry, medicine, and other cultural needs. 

Your donations will help the ongoing maintenance, improvement, and workshops of the TGG!

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