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Seasonal Wildlife Series

Date(s): Spring, March 17, 2024 | Summer, June 9, 2024 | Fall, September 15, 2024 | Winter, December 22, 2024

Time(s): 8-11 AM

Location: Cache Creek Nature Preserve (see map)

Sponsored by: Cache Creek Conservancy

Cost: Free

Cache Creek Nature Preserve is a microcosm of Northern California habitats; wetlands, marsh, riparian, oak savannah, and grasslands. The Conservancy is sponsoring a series of walks where we will leisurely explore each of these habitats observing and learning about the ecosystems, birds, and other wildlife as we go.

All of these animals were photographed at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve by Tom Pritchard.

This nature walk series will take place once every season in order to try to appreciate not only our NorCal wildlife and ecosystems, but how they change dramatically throughout the change of seasons.


  • Spring, March 17, 2024
  • Summer, June 9, 2024
  • Fall, September 15, 2024
  • Winter, December 22, 2024

Each tour is on a Sunday morning and lasts about 3-4 hours, from 8-11 AM, but you can leave early if you want. We will be a circuit around the CCNP and there are multiple opportunities to peel off and go back to the parking lot.

Group size is limited to 20. You can reserve your spot by signing up below.

These tours are designed to increase public awareness and appreciation for the Nature Preserve specifically and for our NorCal wildlife in general. They are for the general public, natural history enthusiasts, and for all levels of bird watchers, from novice to expert.

Your Guide, Bruce Christensen

These guided nature walks will be led by bird and wildlife enthusiast, Bruce Christensen.

Bruce Christensen, a bearded man looking up at his safari hat where an Espanola Mockingbird is perched.

Bruce Christensen, a veterinarian with a background in wildlife biology, has been a resident of Yolo County since 2012 and lives in Woodland. He has loved birdwatching since he was a kid in Boy Scouts.

He serves on the Cache Creek Conservancy Board of Directors and is a member of Yolo Audubon Society. Cache Creek Nature Preserve is his favorite local spot to watch birds and other wildlife. His favorite local birds are the Yellow-billed Magpie and White-tailed Kite.

How to identify birds?

If you are interested in identifying birds, download the free apps Merlin bird identification and eBird Mobile, both from Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Bruce will be using them on the walk and can teach you how to use them to enhance the experience and help you become citizen scientists.

You can also download some Yolo County Bird Guides

How to prepare for a nature hike?

For the most comfort and safety, wear weather-appropriate clothing for the season, and comfortable, close-toed walking shoes. You might also want to wear a hat and/or sunglasses, sunscreen and bug repellant.

Bring your own water and snacks, and don’t forget your camera!

If you have your own binoculars, bring them although we do have some for loan at the Nature Preserve.

Since we’ll be taking you off the ‘beaten track’, you’ll need to sign a waiver. You can download the waiver (PDF) and bring it in, or we will have them when you arrive.

We will gather next to the parking lot in front of the admin building.

Reserve your spot(s) below.

You should see a form in the green box below. If you don’t please feel free to Contact Us directly.

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