Upcoming Events

Volunteer Planting Days


Saturday, November 23rd 


Saturday, December 14th 

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Join us for a volunteer planting day in the Tending and Gathering Garden! 

We will be prepping and planting areas with locally sourced native seedlings! This is a very satisfying volunteer experience because there’s no better feeling than walking away at the end of the day and knowing that you helped establish native habitat! 

Gloves and tools will be provided.

For more information, contact Zack Emerson at  


Dogbane Gathering Day


Sunday, December 8th 

10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Come and help us gather dogbane shoots in the 

Tending and Gathering Garden! 

We will also need volunteers to assist in collecting data that will be used to improve our understanding of the effects of future cultural fire treatments within the TGG!  

Please bring a reusable water bottle and sturdy shoes! 

Gloves and tools will be provided.

For more information, contact Zack Emerson:


Cache Creek Cleanup Day Results


The results are in!

On September 21, 9 am to noon, volunteers met at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve for the biggest volunteer event in the world, Coastal Cleanup Day. In our small part of the world, volunteers worked diligently collecting trash up and down Cache Creek and along County Road 94B and 20 with a goal to keep Cache Creek's  waterway clean. 

We made a big difference on Saturday!

Number of volunteers: 105

Total miles/area cleaned: 0.2 square miles or 125 acres

Pounds of trash collected: 420 lbs

Pounds of recycling collected: 42 lbs

Most unusual items found: Bathtub, air hockey table, dryer

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who made this day such a success!

Check out the photos below! Photos courtesy of Jessica Smith, Lea Bertz, and Elise Stinnett. 

If you have photos of the creek cleanup event to share, send them to mpeterson@cachecreekconservancy.org

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Cache Creek Restoration


The Cache Creek Conservancy works to restore, enhance, and protect the Cache Creek environment.

Your donation will help the Conservancy plant more native plants at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve and along the creek and will help fund a small mammal monitoring program at the Nature Preserve.

Cache Creek Education

Mikayla Peterson, CCC watershed educator, shows off a pelt to visiting Girl Scouts.

The Cache Creek Conservancy has a vibrant watershed education program for students of all ages. 

Your donation will help the Conservancy educate areas school children, youth groups, and students of all ages about what lives in the watershed, how a watershed works, and how to enjoy being in nature.

Tending and Gathering Garden

California poppies line the pathway to the Tending and Gathering Garden shade structure.

The Cache Creek Conservancy established a garden specifically for Native American cultural experts to teach and gather supplies.

Your donation will help the Conservancy enhance the TGG's trails to make it easier for the tribal elders to tend and gather in the garden.

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Past Events

Full Moon Night Walk



 The Cache Creek Nature Preserve was open late for an after-dark, guided tour. Visitors experienced nature after dark for a unique opportunity to be immersed in nature's night time sounds and activity. Bats, owls, deer, and beaver were among the nocturnal animals we observed!

Movies on Main Street



Cache Creek Conservancy brought a piece of the Nature Preserve to Woodland! We enjoyed the spirit of the evening by playing Guess the Native Spider and giving fun spider tattoos!

Bugs in the Creek!



 Bugs in the Creek at Capay Open Space Park! We found over 20 different species in and around the creek, including vertebrates such as baby bluegills, tadpoles, fence lizards, and a western pond turtle. Many of the aquatic macroinvertebrates found were sensitive species, meaning they can only survive in clean, oxygenated water.