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“Bye, Bye” Harnawaz

Harnawaz Boparai, the Conservancy’s biologist working on special projects, has left the Conservancy to pursue his academic career in ecological paleontology. He will be moving down to Southern California in January 2023.

Harnawaz began his career at CCC as an intern and later took over the Bird Box monitoring program as a paid employee. You can find his Nestbox Monitoring Reports under Resources on this website.

He was also instrumental in revising the Intern Program and, along with volunteer Diana Drips, in setting up the new displays in the Visitor Center.

Felicia Wang, the Conservancy’s new restoration biologist, will take over the Bird Box monitoring program and the Intern program. Luckily for the Conservancy, Harnarawaz and Felicia had an opportunity to work together for a couple of weeks before he left.

An avid music and anime fan, Harnawaz frequently regaled his co-workers with song and movie references and memes. A guitar player, he would serenade staff at times with songs by the Beatles. A particular favorite while he was at the Nature Preserve, however, was American Pie. At his request, Harnawaz’ going away party featured staff with our Chevy on the levee while eating (pumpkin) pie. It was a fitting way to say “Bye, Bye” to Harnawaz.

In the image above you’ll see Conservancy staff saying good-bye to friend and co-worker Harnawaz Boparai featuring elements from a favorite song: a Chevy on a levee with pie! From left to right, on the truck: Jolene Jindrich, Chris Carter; in front of the truck: Felicia Wang, Harnawaz Boparai, Sheila Pratt. Not pictured: Nancy Ullrey (taking photo) and Lynne Haralson (there in spirit).

Posted on December 2nd, 2022 by Nancy Ullrey

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