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Christine Golden Honored at Philanthropy Day

Christine Golden, volunteer web developer at Cache Creek Conservancy
Christine Golden, Web Developer

Christine Golden was selected as the Cache Creek Conservancy’s Philanthropy Day Honoree for 2022. She will receive special recognition with the other 27 volunteers or donors from throughout Yolo County at a reception on November 15.

The Conservancy selected Christine for this honor because of her hard work and dedication to creating a new and more user-friendly website for the organization.

According to Jessica Hubbard, executive director of the Yolo Community Foundation, “There is a common thread throughout the stories of these Honorees. Each one saw a need within a cause area they are passionate about and offered their own expertise, time, skills, and funding to address that need.”

Miracles happen

“I used to work with someone who had a sign on their wall that said, ‘Most people give up a minute before the miracle happens,” said Nancy Ullrey, executive director. “We certainly had given up on the website. Then we got our miracle!”

Christine walked into the Conservancy’s offices in December 2021 offering to assist with our webpage design and content development. At that time she was a recently retired web developer with a background in the life sciences. She was looking for someplace local to volunteer. As we got to chatting, she realized we were looking to redesign our webpage and we realized she was the angel we were looking for!


Over this past year Christine has dedicated hundreds of hours to building a new, custom WordPress website, developing the content, and training our staff in how to use it. The new website launched in September 2022 after extensive redesign. She gives freely of her knowledge and understanding of software coding, how marketing on the internet works and other computer-related issues.

Christine is a long-time Woodland resident with her husband Greg, their dog, and two cats. She enjoys being at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve, reading and walking along the creek. She is interested in helping local, small businesses and non-profits use the internet to their best advantage.

Christine’s next project is a non-profit benefiting Yolo County minority- and women-owned businesses. You can find out more about it at IndieYolo.

Posted on November 4th, 2022 by Cache Creek Conservancy

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