High School and College Programs


High School Programs

 High School and College level classes are encouraged to visit the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. We can offer specific programs for a class or just make our site available for the class teacher to conduct his/her own teaching program outdoors in a rich and diverse habitat area. Many high school students visit the Preserve under the guidance of the Center for Land Based Learning’s SLEWS (Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship) program. The Preserve serves as a great learning experience because of the wide variety of native plants on the grounds, in addition to the grasslands, wetlands and creek side areas where activities can be conducted.  

College Programs

 College level education is most often taught by the individual professor for specific class purposes. We make our site and facilities available at no cost. For the past several years a professor has brought her Wildlife Ecology lab students to the Preserve during winter quarter to conduct their research projects. Other college level classes visit to observe the habitat and gather data for various research projects. Our location provides a short commute for classes from UC Davis, Woodland Community College, and Sacramento State. 


The Cache Creek Conservancy is always looking for interns to help around the Nature Preserve.  Our Habitat Restoration Manager works outdoors planting, monitoring, and maintaining the plants and wildlife at the preserve.  Our Education and Outreach Coordinator teaches classrooms of children (K-12) and connects with the public about the goings on at the preserve. Both have opportunities available. If you are interested in working as an intern please sign up as a volunteer below.