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Healthy Parks Healthy People


Healthy Parks Healthy People is a global movement with a holistic approach to promoting parks as a gateway to health. The Cache Creek Conservancy along with its partners are teaming together to bring this movement to Yolo County! 

We are working with local health care professionals to prescribe time in  nature as a health remedy and creating opportunities for our community members to engage with nature. Through Healthy Parks Healthy People we also provide special experiences for adults and families affected by dementia.


Did you know?

  • Natural aromas from wood and plants have calming effects.
  • Listening to birdsong and observing animals in nature promote well-being, improve mood and reduce stress.
  • Walking through nature improves memory and cognitive function.
  • Interacting with a green space increases social interactions which can prevent diseases like dementia.
  • A 20 minute nature walk can reduce the need for ADHD and ADD medication in children!
  • Frequent exposure to nature reduces anxiety and depression, while promoting a sense of well-being and fulfillment.


Education for Health Care Professionals

Education for Health Care Professionals

Education for Health Care Professionals

Outreach campaign to medical and health care professionals about the physical and mental health benefits of being in nature. 


Dementia Family Visits

Education for Health Care Professionals

Education for Health Care Professionals

A series of monthly visits to the Cache Creek Nature Preserve for those living with Dementia (patients, families, caregivers)


Community Outreach and Education

Education for Health Care Professionals

Community Outreach and Education

Social and traditional media outreach about importance of nature to health, as well as holding planting days and other events to provide the public with opportunities to get outside!

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