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Guided Nature Walks 2023

Date(s): Various Sundays

Time(s): 10:00 am

Location: Cache Creek Nature Preserve (see map)

Sponsored by: Cache Creek Conservancy

Cost: Free

Enjoy the benefits of walking and being outdoors during guided tours featuring major points of interest at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. The tours are approximately one hour starting at 10 AM and are designed to acquaint people with the history and features of the Cache Creek Conservancy and Nature Preserve.

Get to know more about this unique landscape and its history, from prehistoric times to today. You’ll learn how the site of the Preserve played its part in the great story of California. Docents will share stories about prehistoric animals, the Patwin and their continuing presence at the Preserve, and how the Nature preserve offers meaning and hope for the future.

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How to Prepare

The trails are unimproved, so some terrain is uneven but mostly level, although there are three slopes and a set of stairs to climb.

Walkers are encouraged to wear sturdy shoes, sunscreen and a hat, and to bring their own water to drink. Weather is anticipated to be mild, but may be cool, so please dress appropriately.

Gathering point is the large map in front of the Visitor Center, north of the parking lot.

Tour Leaders

Elize Van Sandt

The tour was developed by Cache Creek Conservancy volunteer docent Elize Van Zandt.

Elize Van Zandt recently moved to Woodland after 30 years as a desert dweller. She is a retired National Park Service naturalist/interpreter, and her final and favorite position was at Joshua Tree National Park, where she spent 12 years leading walks and learning and writing about the natural world of the desert.

After moving to Woodland, Elize discovered Cache Creek Nature Preserve, and began volunteering there. She believes that this move has revitalized her, as now she has a whole new set of plants and animals and ecosystems to learn about, both at Cache Creek and on hikes in the surrounding mountains. When Elize is not wandering around outdoors, she likes to read and write about the natural world.

Silver-haired Elize with sunglasses holding a map of the Cache Creek Watershed
Jim Herrington standing on rocks against a prarie background

Jim Herrington

Jim has been volunteering at CCC for three years now, in the education program at first and now the docent program. He’s walked almost every inch of the park.

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The Cache Creek Conservancy is a non-profit organization focused on protecting, preserving, and enhancing the lower Cache Creek watershed. The Conservancy partners with Yolo County, regional aggregate companies and others to restore the creek and nature preserve because healthier environments means healthier communities.

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