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Board of Directors


Jim Barrett
Community Member

Jason Smith
Teichert, Inc.

Edmund Punzo

Mica Bennett
Community Member

Bruce Christensen
Community Member

Jim Smith
Community Member

Seth Wurzel
Community Member

Rebecca Tryon
Community Member

Kelly Bartron

Jennifer Gomez

Sheila Pratt, Acting Executive Director

Board Committees

Executive Committee

MISSION: “To act with the authority of the Board between Board meetings and to oversee key management, personnel, and financial matters of the Conservancy in a manner that best advances the Conservancy’s mission.”

ROLE: The Executive Committee assists the CCC Board by (i) acting with the full Board’s authority between Board meetings; (ii) overseeing key management and compensation matters; and (iii) overseeing CCC’s budget, financial planning, and financial reporting.

  • Jim Barrett, Chair
  • Jason Smith, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Mica Bennett, At-Large Board member

Additional Board Committees

External Affairs Committee

MISSION: To encourage the promotion and advancement of the Conservancy’s outreach to the community in pursuit of the Conservancy’s mission.

ROLE: The External Affairs Committee assists the Board by: (i) presenting information about the Conservancy’s restoration and other programs; (ii) helping to raise funds for Conservancy programs; (iii) developing an outreach plan.

  • Jim Smith
  • Edmund Punzo
  • Rebecca Tryon

Operations & Restoration Committee

MISSION: To encourage the responsible restoration and effective operations of the organization in advancing the Conservancy’s mission.

ROLE: The Operations & Restoration Committee assists the Board by: (i) reviewing restoration projects for consistency with the Cache Creek Area Plan; (ii) restoration efforts at Conservancy-managed lands or easements and in the lower Cache Creek; (iii) oversee infrasturce and maintenance needs at the Nature Preserve; and (iv) update the Strategic Plan.

  • Bruce Christensen
  • Jim Barrett
  • Mica Bennett

Governance Committee

MISSION: To improve the Board’s management and policy-making of the Conservancy so as to best advance the Conservancy’s mission.

ROLE: The Governance Committee assists the Board by (i) recommending potential candidates for the Board; (ii) identifying and recommending Board best practices, including establishing specific advisory committees; (iii) recommending candidates for the Leadership Council; and (iv) overseeing Board member orientation, education, and training.

  • Jason Smith
  • Seth Wurzel

TGG Committee (Advisory)

The Tending and Gathering Garden Steering Committee advises the CCC Board of Directors. It reviews operations and maintenance of the TGG.

  • Ardith Read
  • Leonard Read
  • Danny Manning
  • Pam Gonzales
  • Diana Almendariz
  • Christina Cobey
  • Marissa Mercado
  • Brent Combs
  • Tracey Gonzales
  • Jim Barrett
  • Mica Bennett