What We Do


The Cache Creek Conservancy (CCC) is dedicated to restoring the lower part of Cache Creek as a primary implanting agency of the Cache Creek Area Plan, an element of Yolo County's general plan. We put the plan on the ground, which includes project management, environmental permitting, site analysis, funding and fiscal management, procurement of supplies and labor, monitoring, and final reporting. The CCC carries out control and removal of non-native invasive plant species, establishes priorities for restoration and re-vegetation along the creek, and helps coordinate the annual creek walk. The CCC is developing a management and restoration plan for the creek; a major effort will be to complete mapping of restoration sites along the creek. 


The CCC's Experience the Creek environmental education program is offered to schools and other visitors to the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. This comprehensive environmental education experience focuses on the ecology, culture, and history of the Cache Creek watershed. Our environmental education team works to help teachers meet the State's Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) curriculum, providing hands-on experiences that teachers cannot accomplish in the classroom. The program's activities emphasize interactive learning and support the NGSS. Students, working together in teams, learn first-hand by observing and using natural materials and each lesson is taught by volunteers and supervised by our knowledgeable staff. The CCC currently offers approximately 25 "kid-driven" activities that can be adapted to any age or grade level. As a result of our program, some of the students have gone on to become naturalists or biologists and continue to visit the Nature Preserve.

The Tending and Gathering Garden

The Tending and Gathering Garden (TGG), on the grounds of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve, is a collaborative effort between the Native American community and the CCC to demonstrate traditional land and plant management practices of California's native people. This 3-acre site was restored with culturally significant native plants found within the Cache Creek watershed. These plants are used for basketry, food, fiber, shelter, medicine, and watercraft. The TGG serves as a source for cultural practitioners to gather plant material. It also provides a place for hands-on education including plant identification, plant use, and traditional management methods. These horticultural practices include pruning, coppicing (cutting a plant back to the ground), hand-weeding, irrigating, and burning. No chemical pesticides are used in the TGG. The Cache Creek Conservancy hopes to include tule huts and other Native American historical features to help visitors understand the history and culture of the local patwin.