2019 First Foods Dinner Menu


All items are subject to change based on seasonality


himmen • first

• Indian lettuce in light yerba buena broth

• hazelnut flour biscuit

• valley oak acorn flour bread

paired with rosehip tea

‘uṭṭin • second

• Ohlone salad with sorrel, Indian lettuce, pickleweed, and purslane, topped with popped amaranth seeds, roasted piñon, hazelnuts, walnuts, blackberries and gooseberries, served with a bay laurel/blackberry walnut oil dressing

• soft boiled quail eggs with bay harvested salt

paired with nettle and bergamont tea

kaphan • third

• smoked salmon donated from Enterprise Rancheria

• sauteed fiddleheads in walnut oil

paired with yerba buena tea

katwaš  • fourth

• venison smoked with bay harvested salt, bay laurel, wrapped in locally gathered yerba buena (depending on cut; we might make a venison stew TBD)

• blackberry, bay laurel and yerba buena sauce

• walnut oil sauteed native mushrooms cooked with spring onion and bay laurel (depending on seasonality)

paired with black sage tea

miššur • fifth

• acorn flour brownies with walnuts and SF bay salt

• hazelnut milk chia porridge

paired with elderberry cider