We support preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the Cache Creek watershed.

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Where the Wildlands Are

Check out our new blog written by our Habitat Restoration Manager, Phillip Zoucha. Learn more about the behind the scenes work that goes on here at the preserve! 

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Wetland Work

We've started work on the North American Wetland Conservation Act (NAWCA) project.  The goal it to re-shape the wetlands to provide better habitat for water dependent species.  The project will benefit the Tricolored Blackbirds, Wood Ducks, and Giant Garder Snakes. This is part of a US Fish and Wildlife Service grant of $117,000.  

Three of the 10 islands have been reshaped and are now home to nesting Canada Geese. We still will be reshaping the remaining 7 islands after the waterfowl breeding season. Between March and May our wetlands will be the home to many migratory birds. Please come out to take pictures of our feathery visitors and share them on social media.  

For a more behind the scenes observation on the projects of the preserve, read our Habitat Restoration Managers Blog "Where the Wildlands Are". Click on the link below to find out more. 

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Cache Creek Conservancy supports Cache Creek preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the watershed.

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